About Our Company

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We believe in solving problems by focusing on the methodology and approach to data analytics rather than any specific tool or technology.

We listen and understand the problems from our customers' point of view that helps us to contextualize the data and adopt the most pragmatic approach to achieve the desired outcome.

To be a trusted data analytics services company committed to serve our stakeholders through human approach and augmented intelligence.

Humanata was founded with the motivation to help small and medium enterprises across the retail and nonprofit sectors, gain a competitive edge with data.
With the advent of data analytics, businesses are becoming smarter and more customer centric than ever before.
We don’t just work for our customers, we work with them to solve their problems using data analytics. This helps them achieve their visions and in the process we achieve ours.


Our Values
The 3 Ps


At Humanata, purpose is at the heart of our every data project. Starting with “Why” helps us define the problem better and approach it with the right set of tools and technology. Purpose gives meaning to what we do and is what keeps us going.


A team of passionate data professionals, we love everything we do in the data life cycle. We don’t just work with data, we live with it every day.
Our passion drives our curiosity, learning, innovation, and our commitment to add life to your data. It is just a part of who we are and allows us to create meaningful impact for our clients and for the world.


Our fundamental belief is in the good of the people that fosters collaboration and results in better ideas, better solutions, and better organizations. We solve problems for people and with people.
The diversity of experiences, expertise, and backgrounds of people when brought together for a common purpose, always delivers a bigger and better impact.

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