Lead your business growth with Data

Humanata is one of the best data analytics companies in Canada that can skyrocket your business growth by unlocking the potential of your data.

With the ever-increasing amount of data, we understand the need for businesses to become truly data-driven and gain a competitive advantage. Our team at Humanata helps you optimize your business performance by presenting you the critical information and insights in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

business growth with data

Our Approach


We attentively listen to your ideas and goals for your business and your expectations from us. We research your inputs and business challenges to define the problem in the best possible manner.

BID (Break it down)

Once the problem is defined, our team puts their head together to ask questions and break the problem down into smaller and simpler problem subsets. This allows us to understand the problem at a deeper level and not miss any detail.


We then gather, combine, structure, and organize data so it can be used in business intelligence (BI) , data analytics , and data visualization applications.


The data at this stage is processed for interpretation. The data is cleaned to make sure it is complete, correct, relevant, and free of errors and outliers.


Our team of data analysts now do what they do best. They analyze the data using advanced tools and techniques to find patterns, relationships, and trends.


This is where we tell you a story about your data . We share with you the findings of our analysis in an intelligible and transparent manner.


Here we get a chance to help you guide your truly data-driven business strategy.

What we do best

Data Analytics

Power your performance with analytics

Data-Driven Story Telling

Bring data to life with effective storytelling

Big Data and AI

Leverage the synergy for intelligent decision making

Machine Learning

Lead the change with informed predictions

Dynamic Visualization

See data that you understand

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Track business performance & enhance efficiency

Datawarehouse Development

Safe Haven for your data

Cloud Data Management

Operate seamlessly, anytime, anywhere